L A Moore ltd used the services of Brunel Surveys Ltd during March/April 2020.

We had been contracted to carry out major site demolition/remediation works on a site in Swindon to include pre commencement GPR surveys to record the location of all underground services in external areas and post completion GPR surveys and topographical surveys upon completion of works.

Our challenge was to survey a listed historic water tower that had been badly damaged in a recent fire. The tower was covered in scaffolding and waterproof sheeting and we were only able to remove one side of sheeting for a single day. Our Faro Laser scanner was the only solution to pick up the required detail in such a small time period on what was a very difficult site.

We established site control and related it back to the site datum we had placed for a Topographical Survey carried out several years previously. Then we started to scan the tower both internally and externally using spherical reference targets to help stitch the scans together.

Day 1

Brunel Surveys has taken delivery of an RTK drone.

This drone knows where it is to National Grid, and gives highly accurate photogrammetry in a short time. The is no need to walk through hazardous areas of site placing control.

Stream C GPR being towed over a field near Swindon.

We are checking the field for buried services.

The Stream C surveys a swathe of land 1.2 metres wide.

The Stream C is designed for highway work. We have adapted it for off road use.

The only one in the UK being used off road and it is excellent for buried services or archaeology.

Undertaking a jetty survey for a large international port on the south coast brings its own unique set of challenges. Brunel Surveys’ Peter Worthington tackles the access difficulties of a twenty-four hour working port, a swaying boat as a base from which to survey, a tiny tidal window and the need to accurately survey the 200 piles supporting the 170m long deck.

Prior to the planned refurbishment and modernisation of a large international port on the south coast of England, a full topographical survey of the port, its roads and a 170m jetty were required. Contracted to undertake this work was Wiltshire based Brunel Surveys Ltd, a company renowned for the high quality of its drawings, data and 3D models.

Underground Utility Tracing using Ids GPR, Fanborough town centre. Working within Traffic Management provided by Brunel Surveys Ltd

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