Initially a similar brief to surveying Windsor Leisure Centre, we were asked to produce a set of drawings to enable Hippo Leisure to re-design the slide flumes. However, in this instance the steelwork was so complex that attempting to show everything on 2D drawings would result in drawings too detailed to actually be of use.

Queen Street is in the centre of Oxford and is a busy junction that forms part of the A420 main thoroughfare through the city. We were asked to provide a complete topo and utilities survey of the junction to an unusual level of detail.

In order to get an accurate 3d model of the area we were required to take levels every 150mm. This would have been extraordinarily time-consuming using traditional methods so our solution was to scan the junction at night.

Westmill Burial Ground is a natural burial site near Swindon. Set up on the downland north of the Ridgeway and close to Westmill wind farm the burial ground is designed to offer a peaceful, contemplative space.

The site is designed around concentric circles centred on a standing stone with mown paths delineating the different burial plot areas. Over time trees will be planted to act as a reminder for friends and families. However, in order to keep the ground as natural as possible there are no gravestones or other permanent markers.

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