Day 1

Brunel Surveys has taken delivery of an RTK drone.

This drone knows where it is to National Grid, and gives highly accurate photogrammetry in a short time. The is no need to walk through hazardous areas of site placing control.


Day 2

Brunel Surveys can use the drone surveys to produce 3D Point Clouds.

We can then do volumetric analysis of stockpiles.

Predicted Mineral Reserves

Remaining Airspace

Restoration Design


Day 3

We can deliver a variety of options

Conventional 3D Topo survey

Scaled aerial photo

Oblique photo



Day 4

CAD Output is standard

Formats include LSS, N4CE, CIVIL3D, Microstation, Inroads, MX


Day 5

We can provide photography for building condition reports,

Rectified photography

Verified views

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