Topographic Surveys

We at Brunel Surveys pride ourselves on our high quality of topographical surveys.

We believe that our standard survey specification is far superior to that of many of our competitors. As a norm our topo surveys are fixed to national grid using centimetre - accurate GPS equipment. The detail on the site is then surveyed using robotic total stations. We survey in 3D as standard, and commonly output both 2D and 3D CAD or PDF files. We work to a very high standard of draughting to ensure that all the detail captured on-site is understandable.

Our clientele reflect this broad range of skills, ranging from highway authorities, house-builders, landfill and quarrying companies, through to national supermarket chains.

Large and Small Scale Topo
Quarries and Landfill

Large and Small Scale Topo

Whether you need a survey of a back garden or a site encompassing many hectares, Brunel Surveys always work to the same high standard.

Data capture will happen efficiently and with a minimum of disruption. For very large sites we are able to utilise two quad bikes which enable us to survey fields very quickly.

Whatever the scale of job we deliver the same quality of drawing, set to OS National Grid with the data either 2D or 3D so that, if necessary, ground models may be produced.

Quarries and Landfill

Brunel Surveys are the prime surveyor for the many quarry and landfill companies and not only survey their quarries and landfills but also provide a design consultancy, enabling them to get the most from each site.

Brunel Surveys is an approved commercial UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) operator and our pilot is CAA approved.


Brunel Surveys are the main contractors to several councils and large engineering companies for producing highway surveys. On top of the more traditional methods of data collection we utilise mobile laser scanners attached to vehicles to acquire large amounts of data quickly on site which can then be drawn up in the office. This reduces the need for complex and expensive traffic management, as well as vastly reducing the time on-site.

We are able to carry out traffic management on county roads, all our site staff are Streetworks trained and we own a full set of safety equipment including temporary traffic lights.

For Motorways and trunk roads we work closely with a specialist traffic management contractor.


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